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Bahco Agricultural Range
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Take the edge off with Sutton’s Carbide Burs.


Rapid Removal… extensive profile available.
The double cut bur allows for rapid stock removal in the harder materials. The chisel tooth pattern not only minimises tool chatter but reduces the chip to a granular shape, in most materials, thereby reducing or eliminating the sharp sliver chips that are normally experienced. This chip reduction also helps eliminate loading of the flutes.

An improvement in tool control will be realised as the double cut tends to reduce the pulling action of the main flute pattern.

Although some finish reduction may be experienced, improvement in material removal and, therefore, increased production will be realised.

Features and Benefits.
1. Made from solid carbide;
2. Double cut allows for rapid stock removal in harder materials;
3. Chisel type cutting edge to minimise tool chatter and reduce chips to granular shape; and
4. Suitable for use in steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and cast iron.

Carbide burs are used in various applications for deburing, cylinder head porting, mould making, tool & die, metalworking, tool grinding, foundry, aerospace, automotive, dental laboratory, wood carving, farriers, metal smithing, sculpting, welding, chamfering, jewellery manufacturing, die & metal casting.

Article supplied by Sutton Tools. For a full range of Sutton Carbide Burs, click here.

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