KSEM PLUS™, Modular Drill System

Looking to lower your cost per hole when drilling large diameter holes?

We know it can add up, that’s why KSEM PLUS™ is equipped to take interchangeable head styles. The B1 head is equipped with a guide pad on the side of the head that makes it perfect for challenging conditions like stacked plates, cross holes and inclined exits.

The KSEM PLUS modular drill covers drilling applications in a diameter range from 28mm to 101,6mm (1.102-4”) up to 10 x D. KSEM PLUS combines the advantages of a modular drill and an indexable drill, providing high speed and feed capability with large length-to-diameter ratio at low consumable cost. This modular system is a versatile solution that allows quick tool set-up and helps to keep tool inventory at a minimum.

Interchangeable head styles with two fully effective cutting edges deliver excellent productivity in all cutting conditions and many materials:

  • The KSEM PLUS A1 head for lowest cost per hole.
  • The KSEM PLUS B1 head for challenging conditions like stacked plates, cross holes, and inclined exits. 

Learn more: https://okt.to/lyh5O1