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Introducing the PFERD Combiclick system.


Introducing PFERD COMBICLICK® QuickChange Fiber Discs and Backing Pads – a new, patented mounting and cooling system for use on angle grinders.

Conventional quick-change fiber discs allow users to change up discs without the use of spanner wrenches. Reduced down-time for change-ups improves productivity. PFERD has designed and engineered a new system to improve disc performance and further reduce change-up time.

PFERD’s COMBICLICK® quick-change system offers 3 important enhancements over conventional quick-change fiber discs:

1. Faster and Easier Disc Mounting;
2. Optimized Backing Pad; and
3. No metal parts on face of disc.

1. Faster and Easier Disc Mounting.

PFERD COMBICLICK® fiber discs are extremely fast and easy to change. Conventional quick-change discs require substantial pressure to be applied at the center of the disc to catch a thread on the spindle of the angle grinder. This process becomes more difficult if the discs have curled. COMBICLICK® discs “click” into place when presented to the backing pad, and need just a slight, effortless clockwise rotation to lock into place. Disc removal is just as simple, making change-ups faster and easier than ever. And the patented system virtually eliminates disc curling.

2. Optimized Backing Pad.

COMBICLICK® Backing Pads are engineered to minimize disc-change-up time, and to maximize air circulation. Significantly reducing thermal loads on the abrasive material and workpiece. And the pads are soft and flexible enough to follow contours, yet firm enough to maintain aggressive stock removal
rates in demanding applications.

3. Disc grinding surface completely free from metal parts.

COMBICLICK® quick-change fiber discs attach to the backing pad without any metal parts projecting through the abrasive disc. This design supports grinding nearly flat, and eliminates any risk of damage to the workpiece.

Both the quick-change nut and the receiving mechanism built into the backing pad are metal. The mounting fixture provides secure disc attachment to the backing pad, plus optimized cooling help to provide:

1. up to 25% increased stock removal;
2. up to 30% longer service life and improved utilization of abrasive product;
3. up to 30% less tool wear; and
4. up to 30% lower workpiece temperature.

With their patented quick-mounting and cooling system, COMBICLICK® Fiber discs provide rapid tool changes and increased productivity. These improvements will allow you to gain more efficiency without changing your current process or procedures.

PFERD supplies an extensive line-up of COMBICLICK® Fiber discs with differing grit sizes, abrasive grain, and dimensions. Our comprehensive product range includes the right tool for every application, from coarse to fine grinding.

1. Long tool life;
2. Uniform surface finish;
3. Very high stock removal rate;
4. High flexibility; and
5. Excellent grit adhesion.

Application examples.
1. Weld dressing;
2. Deburring of steel components;
3. Coarse grinding;
4. Fine grinding of stainless steel;
5. Removal of rolling and casting skin; and
6. Grinding in narrow, hard-to-reach areas (e.g., cooling ribs).

Recommendation for use.
COMBICLICK® Fiber discs are used with COMBICLICK® backing pads on standard commercial angle grinders.

Article supplied by PFERD Abrasives. For a full range of PFERD products click here.

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