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Dull drill bits? No problem with the Drill Doctor.


Drill bits are meant to be sharpened! Drill Doctor can restore worn drill bits to factory-sharp condition in under a minute.

More than a million people sharpen their dull and broken drill bits with one of the award winning Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners.

The expense of a project is nothing compared to the cost of the tools to do the job. To get a job done right you need sharp tools and nothing does a worse job than a dull drill bit. Trying to drill through tough steel or hard concrete blocks with a dull bit is annoying and you don’t need the added frustration of using several bits to get one hole drilled.

The Drill Doctor is one of the few tools that will pay for itself on the first day that you buy it because you will sharpen all of those old drill bits – that will more than cover the cost of the Drill Doctor.  Plus you will have the pleasure of using bits that are better than when they were brand new and just came out of the packet.

The Drill Doctor comes to the rescue of every shop with a complete line of Drill Doctor models for every budget and feature set. The basic Drill Doctor does the basic job of standard size drill bits the average home owner would need. The better models include features like larger bits and the creation of special points.

The Drill Doctor is one of the few drill sharpening tools that actually works, and its success comes because designers have found a way to regulate the complex combination of motions that yields a correctly shaped drill bit tip. Bottom line: Anyone can take a perfectly dull, perfectly useless drill bit and re-sharpen it so well that it’ll burrow into plate steel as if it were mozzarella cheese.

The instructions will not only guide you through the use but show you the correct way to do things as well as common problems and how to correct them. The whole concept of the Drill Doctor is simply a vise to hold the bit and a guide to align it for sharpening. The sharpening is done against a diamond abrasive wheel spinning inside the Drill Doctor that you use for both the sharpening of the tip and a special sharpening called split pointing.

To regularly sharpen a bit you simply clamp it in the chuck and push it into the guide while holding down a button. The button releases two spring steel clamps that align the bit so the proper surface is facing against the abrasive wheel when inserted into the sharpener.

You align the bit for masonry bits by using the hole for sharpening which is just as easy to do. The actual sharpening is simply done by pushing the bit chuck and holder into the sharpening hole and twisting the bit against the wheel. After sharpening a few bits you will get the feel of where the bit heads are and where the sharpening will occur. It is really a very simple process and just as easy to sharpen any kind of regular bit.

The Drill Doctor also features a split point function for restoring or creating self centering split point drill bits.   The Drill Doctor is suitable for sharpening High Speed Steel, Masonary, TiN coated, Carbide, Cobalt, Split Point & Parabolic Twist Drill Bits.

The Drill Doctor is so easy to use you will not be wanting to put this away in some drawer, it will stay on the work bench in easy reach for use anytime you need a quick bit sharpening. The Drill Doctor is a must have for any workshop or do it yourselfer and I cannot think of a more important tool to have if you have any kind of shop or garage. I highly recommend the Drill Doctor for anyone that uses drill bits for anything, this will truly save you money and frustration.

Article supplied by Drill Doctor. For a full range of Drill Doctor products click here.

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