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Quality Products by Kennametal


Kennametal has engineered innovative products and techniques in the metalworking and machine tool industry for nearly 70 years. Many of these products serve as workhorses in their industries to this day. But newer, more advanced products are always under development to better serve your needs. In fact, nearly half of Kennametal's revenue comes from products less than four years old. No matter which Kennametal product you choose, it will deliver long life, lasting quality, and superior economy.

Kennametal's range of products include turning tools, boring bars, indexable insert drills, parting tools and indexable inserts to suit any applications.

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000DA010M KEN1293410 000DA010M AU$101.64 24 Hours
000DA012M KEN1293411 000DA012M AU$101.64 24 Hours
000DA015M KEN1293412 000DA015M AU$101.64 24 Hours
000DA017M KEN1293413 000DA017M AU$101.64 24 Hours
000DA020M KEN1293414 000DA020M AU$101.64 24 Hours
000DA022M KEN1293415 000DA022M AU$101.64 24 Hours
000DA025M KEN1293416 000DA025M AU$84.81 24 Hours
000DA027M KEN1293417 000DA027M AU$84.81 24 Hours
000DA030M KEN1293418 000DA030M AU$43.34 24 Hours
000DA032M KEN1293419 000DA032M AU$43.34 24 Hours
000DA035M KEN1293420 000DA035M AU$52.47 24 Hours
000DA037M KEN1293421 000DA037M AU$43.34 24 Hours
000DA040M KEN1293422 000DA040M AU$43.34 24 Hours
06SCLPL2 KEN1095159 06SCLPL2 AU$170.50 24 Hours
06SCLPR2 KEN1095158 06SCLPR2 AU$170.50 24 Hours
08SCLPL2 KEN1095161 08SCLPL2 AU$170.50 24 Hours
08SCLPR2 KEN1095160 08SCLPR2 AU$170.50 24 Hours
08STUNR2 KEN1094981 08STUNR2 AU$170.50 24 Hours
1.10820R310 KEN1245244 1.10820R310 AU$183.70 24 Hours
1.10825R310 KEN1245247 1.10825R310 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.10825R700 KEN1245248 1.10825R700 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.17120L130 KEN1245275 1.17120L130 AU$183.70 24 Hours
1.17125L330 KEN1245277 1.17125L330 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.18016L110 KEN1245287 1.18016L110 AU$168.30 24 Hours
1.18016R110 KEN1245255 1.18016R110 AU$168.30 24 Hours
1.18020L110 KEN1245256 1.18020L110 AU$183.70 24 Hours
1.18020R110 KEN1245257 1.18020R110 AU$183.70 24 Hours
1.18020R310 KEN1245258 1.18020R310 AU$183.70 24 Hours
1.18025L310 KEN1245236 1.18025L310 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.18025L315 KEN1245326 1.18025L315 AU$284.90 24 Hours
1.18025L330 KEN1245292 1.18025L330 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.18025R302 KEN1245327 1.18025R302 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.18025R310 KEN1245259 1.18025R310 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.18025R315 KEN1245237 1.18025R315 AU$284.90 24 Hours
1.18025R330 KEN1245238 1.18025R330 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.18032L315 KEN1245260 1.18032L315 AU$317.90 24 Hours
1.18032R315 KEN1245261 1.18032R315 AU$317.90 24 Hours
1.21103L121KM1 (Packs of 5 only) KEN1206199 1.21103L121KM1 (Packs of 5 only) AU$18.15 24 Hours
1.21503L121KM1 (Packs of 5 only) KEN1206195 1.21503L121KM1 (Packs of 5 only) AU$23.10 24 Hours
1.21503L621KM1 (Packs of 5 only) KEN1206197 1.21503L621KM1 (Packs of 5 only) AU$25.74 24 Hours
1.21503L671P25 (Packs of 5 only) KEN1206301 1.21503L671P25 (Packs of 5 only) AU$28.16 24 Hours
1.38020R021 KEN1245338 1.38020R021 AU$183.70 24 Hours
1.38025L021 KEN1245339 1.38025L021 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.38025R021 KEN1245340 1.38025R021 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.42515-001K125M (Packs of 5 only) KEN1206385 1.42515-001K125M (Packs of 5 only) AU$69.85 24 Hours
1.77125R300 KEN1245374 1.77125R300 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.77132R400 KEN1245357 1.77132R400 AU$256.30 24 Hours
1.77725R301 KEN1245388 1.77725R301 AU$205.70 24 Hours
1.78012R103 KEN1245392 1.78012R103 AU$168.30 24 Hours
1.78016R100 KEN1245394 1.78016R100 AU$168.30 24 Hours
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