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Quality Products by Septone


Septone Products is a family-owned, Australian company with more than 60 years experience in the chemical manufacturing industry. Established in 1943, Septone has an extensive range of products, which caters for markets including Automotive (trade and retail), Industrial, Mining, Hygiene, Hardware, Hospitality, Transport and Marine. The Septone brand name has been built on a reputation of producing superior Australian-made products that are designed and manufactured with careful consideration to ensure the success of the products and provide ultimate customer satisfaction. The company is passionate about its history of manufacturing first-class chemical products that are distributed Australia-wide and also to an extensive export market.

Septone's product range includes hand cleaner such as protecta pink and citra scrub, all purpose thinners, mineral turpentine, degrease-it, greasolve and more.

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Mango Wash Carton 20kg HSMW20 Mango Wash Carton 20kg AU$178.65 2-3 Days
Blue Sparkle 20L HLBS20 Blue Sparkle 20L AU$109.69 2-3 Days
Blue Sparkle 5L HLBS5 Blue Sparkle 5L AU$30.12 2-3 Days
Blue Lustre Carton 20kg HLBL20BX Blue Lustre Carton 20kg AU$108.50 2-3 Days
Bactrasan 5L HSB5 Bactrasan 5L AU$25.91 2-3 Days
Wash Up 25L HKWU25 Wash Up 25L AU$67.66 2-3 Days
Wash Up 5L HKWU5 Wash Up 5L AU$16.23 2-3 Days
Bright Bowl 20L HDBB20 Bright Bowl 20L AU$118.44 2-3 Days
Bright Bowl 5L HDBB5 Bright Bowl 5L AU$38.39 2-3 Days
Blockettes 15kg HDB15 Blockettes 15kg AU$213.09 2-3 Days
Blockettes 9kg HDB9 Blockettes 9kg AU$131.69 2-3 Days
Blockettes 4kg HDB4 Blockettes 4kg AU$62.34 2-3 Days
Pacific Breeze 20L HSPB20 Pacific Breeze 20L AU$231.12 2-3 Days
Pacific Breeze 5L HSPB5 Pacific Breeze 5L AU$62.00 2-3 Days
Bleach 10% 20L HLBC20 Bleach 10% 20L AU$73.45 2-3 Days
Bleach 10% 5L HLBC5 Bleach 10% 5L AU$24.26 2-3 Days
Spice 25L HDS25 Spice 25L AU$130.11 2-3 Days
Spice 5L HDS5 Spice 5L AU$32.56 2-3 Days
Pinearoma 20L HDP20 Pinearoma 20L AU$114.48 2-3 Days
Pinearoma 5L HDP5 Pinearoma 5L AU$34.46 2-3 Days
Lemon X-5 20L HDLX20 Lemon X-5 20L AU$116.51 2-3 Days
Lemon X-5 5L HDLX5 Lemon X-5 5L AU$31.27 2-3 Days
Lemon Grass 200L HDLG200 Lemon Grass 200L AU$427.08 2-3 Days
Forest Pine 25L HDFP25 Forest Pine 25L AU$80.76 2-3 Days
Forest Pine 5L HDFP5 Forest Pine 5L AU$21.73 2-3 Days
Spray & Wipe 20L HGSW20 Spray & Wipe 20L AU$92.65 2-3 Days
Spray & Wipe 5L HGSW5 Spray & Wipe 5L AU$26.26 2-3 Days
Spray & Wipe 750ml HGSW750 Spray & Wipe 750ml AU$8.38 2-3 Days
Kleengloss 20L AVK20 Kleengloss 20L AU$93.17 2-3 Days
C-Thru 20L AVCT20 C-Thru 20L AU$67.89 2-3 Days
C-Thru 5L AVCT5 C-Thru 5L AU$24.27 2-3 Days
C-Thru 750ml AVCT750 C-Thru 750ml AU$9.30 24 Hours
Citrus Power 20L HSCP20 Citrus Power 20L AU$128.12 2-3 Days
Citrus Power 5L HSCP5 Citrus Power 5L AU$37.09 2-3 Days
Bio-Green 20L HSBG20 Bio-Green 20L AU$133.58 2-3 Days
Bio-Green 5L HSBG5 Bio-Green 5L AU$39.00 2-3 Days
Natural Lemon 20L HFNL20 Natural Lemon 20L AU$117.72 2-3 Days
Natural Lemon 5L HFNL5 Natural Lemon 5L AU$31.98 2-3 Days
Greasebuster 25L HKG25 Greasebuster 25L AU$136.64 2-3 Days
Greasebuster 5L HKG5 Greasebuster 5L AU$34.99 2-3 Days
TW20 Truck Wash 200L ATTW200 TW20 Truck Wash 200L AU$822.02 2-3 Days
TW20 Truck Wash 20L ATTW20 TW20 Truck Wash 20L AU$99.96 24 Hours
TW20 Truck Wash 5L ATTW5 TW20 Truck Wash 5L AU$32.56 24 Hours
Superclene 200L SC200L Superclene 200L AU$1,269.52 2-3 Days
Superclene 20L SC20L Superclene 20L AU$147.93 2-3 Days
Superclene 5L SC5L Superclene 5L AU$44.21 2-3 Days
Oilsolve 200L ADO200 Oilsolve 200L AU$1,417.37 2-3 Days
Oilsolve 20L ADO20 Oilsolve 20L AU$175.12 2-3 Days
Oilsolve 4L ADD4 Oilsolve 4L AU$38.14 2-3 Days
Oilsolve 1L ADD1 Oilsolve 1L AU$11.14 2-3 Days
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