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Unika Metacore TCT Hole-saws.


The Unika Metacore TCT hole-saw is a high-quality, Japanese Tungsten Carbide Tipped hole-saw. They are commonly used in drilling aluminium, steel, stainless steel, PVC and plastics. Each TCT hole-saw come with an ejector spring fitted as standard for easy material removal and getting the hole-saw stuck within the back of the cut material is prevented for safer, faster drilling. The durability of the tungsten carbide tips are maintained due to the hole-saw possessing ideal blade angles, which uses the latest metal cutting technology and provides the perfect escape angle to quickly discharge shavings for smooth, snag-free cutting.

Designed with a one-piece structure, the TCT hole-saw will suffer no play nor flexing between the shank through to the cutting edge, providing a sharp, crisp and smooth cut. Having reduced vibration due to its non-uniform and varied distances between the hole-saw’s teeth.


Our hole-saws possess a a hex shank of 10mm to drive them with a cutting depth of 3.2mm, 4.5mm, 25mm and 50mm. Each hole-saw has a triple-cut, three-edge cutting system; there are two sets of three different edged cutting teeth. One tooth is slanted outward, one is slanted inward and the remaining peaks in the center. This arrangement balance the cutting effort to ensure smooth boring, greater control and provides a lower chance of excess drag.

Drilling swarf discharge groove
Drilling swarf is efficiently discharged through these drilling swarf discharge grooves to the peripheral side. Clogging of drilling swarf between the work material and cutting edge makes drilling impossible, which leads to tips cracking and chipping.

Specially ground cutting edge
Cutting resistance is significantly reduced by specifically grinding the tungsten carbide/ultra-hard tip of the cutting edge.

Newly developed step center drill
Two-step structure of the center drill tip end dampens impacts that occur when the center drill passes through, preventing cracking of the tungsten carbide/ultra-hard tip.

10mm/13mm chuck combination shank allows for most drill chuck diameters.



To further enquire about the Unika Metacore TCT Hole-saws, please contact us.

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