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Tag Archives: grinding

Take the edge off with Sutton’s Carbide Burs.


Rapid Removal… extensive profile available.
The double cut bur allows for rapid stock removal in the harder materials. The chisel tooth pattern not only minimises tool chatter but reduces the chip to a granular shape, in most materials, thereby reducing or eliminating the sharp sliver chips that are normally experienced. This chip reduction also helps eliminate loading of the flutes.

An improvement in tool control will be realised as the double cut tends to reduce the pulling action of the main flute pattern. Read More

Dull drill bits? No problem with the Drill Doctor.


Drill bits are meant to be sharpened! Drill Doctor can restore worn drill bits to factory-sharp condition in under a minute.

More than a million people sharpen their dull and broken drill bits with one of the award winning Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners.

The expense of a project is nothing compared to the cost of the tools to do the job. To get a job done right you need sharp tools and nothing does a worse job than a dull drill bit. Read More

Cutting or Grinding? Why not both with Pferd’s Duodisc?


Pferd’s new DUODISC® combination abrasive wheel is a cost-efficient and technically advanced solution for users needing a fast, time-saving cutting action and reliable deburring performance – now delivered by a single wheel!

DUODISC® combination cutting, light deburring and surface grinding wheels conform to U.S. and international safety standards. Suitable for both cutting and grinding of Steel and Stainless Steel. DUODISC® is manufactured without addition of ferrous, sulphurous or chlorinated fillers. Enjoy long service life and fact cutting action with angle grinders of all power outputs. Read More

Introducing the PFERD Combiclick system.


Introducing PFERD COMBICLICK® QuickChange Fiber Discs and Backing Pads – a new, patented mounting and cooling system for use on angle grinders.

Conventional quick-change fiber discs allow users to change up discs without the use of spanner wrenches. Reduced down-time for change-ups improves productivity. PFERD has designed and engineered a new system to improve disc performance and further reduce change-up time.

PFERD’s COMBICLICK® quick-change system offers 3 important enhancements over conventional quick-change fiber discs: Read More

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