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ProTecta – Extreme Pressure Lubricant.


Industrial grade lubricant that you can use in the house, garage and shop. In laboratory tests, ProTecta with its extreme pressure additives withstands 5 times the lubricating pressure of the leading brands to eliminate squeaks and lubricate longer. ProTecta’s advanced formula provides a superior lubricating film that continues to provide protection when the oil dries. It adheres to metal better than other spray lubricants, and it cleans most surfaces and quickly penetrates and loosens frozen or rusted metal parts. Makes all other spray oils obsolete! Resists water and drives moisture from working surfaces. Evaporates leaving a protective, long lasting, non-sticky, dust-free film.

Cleans, protects five times better than the leading brand, displaces water, dries leaving non-sticky protective film, long-lasting, available in aerosols, 5, 10 and 20 litre containers (each one includes a free, high-quality spray bottle) and each aerosol features our amazing adjustable nozzle (Low Pressure, Medium Pressure and High Pressure).

Once sprayed on, ProTecta Spray Lube dries leaving a water resistant, long lasting, non-sticky, dust-free film that does not build up over time. Lubricates. This is a truly amazing product. With its extreme pressure additives it withstands 4 -5 times the pressure of the leading brands in laboratory tests, even after it has dried!

Once applied ProTecta Spray Lube drives moisture from the surface. Its anti-corrosive elements then go to work to prevent corrosion. When it dries it leaves a protective film that separates the surface from the moisture in the environment. Three times the protection!

Because of its amazing ability to creep, ProTecta Spray Lube gets into even the most frozen or rusted part. Once it is there it works to lubricate the frozen parts enabling you to free them!

Use ProTecta spray lube to clean gum, tar and oily residue from surfaces. Simply ProTecta on, give it a few minutes to go to work and wipe it off for a clean surface! Once it is clean spray it with a light film to ensure it remains clean! 300g aerosol has Amazing Variable Valve!

ProTecta Spray Lube is a specially formulated product, where the majority of lubricant applied will actually bond onto the metal. ProTecta is engineered to dry thus minimising the dust that sticks with the lubricant. Unlike competitors products that leave a heavy wet surface, ProTecta dries leaving a light but strong film.

ProTecta is compatible with plastic, whereas most other lubricants are not. Because of its unique drying agents it allows superior protection for chains such as on dirt bikes, equipment chains, etc. It can be used anywhere you need lubrication in a light spray form. And its ability to take pressure allows for use on trailer hitches and other similar applications. Its uses are endless, and with its superior cleaning it will even cut through the toughest oil residue and grease.

ProTecta Spray Lube is an all-purpose spray lubricant, that is highly fortified for superior performance. Dries. Sprays. Cleans.

Article supplied by RPM Innovations. To view our range of Lubricants click here.

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