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Bahco Agricultural Range
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Make a clean sweep with Haaga 497 Profi-line.


The Haaga 497 Profi-line sweeper is the next in the range of new generation sweepers with the Turbo patented three brush sweeping system. With new additions to the sweeper performance has been enhanced in this new range.

Changes to the bin, sweeping plate and dust seals around the third brush have all improved the sweeping performance. New ergonomic handle for fatigue free operation. With a guiding roller and brush guider on one side only, this gives the added advantage of sweeping into corners, the other side with no roller allows the protruding brush to sweep better under an overlapping edge. Gear covers have also been fitted over the front disc drives to increase the durability. Easy to store and light weight to carry, makes sweeping quick and easy to do.

This is how Haaga sweepers earn their special distinction.

1. The one-of-a-kind disc brush system from Haaga.
Unlike other sweeping devices Haagarely on their patented disk brush technology. These two specially-made, opposing circular brushes cut under the waste material and whisk it directly into the waste container. The coarse or fine debris is not “run over“ or pushed around in front of the sweeper. Even wet leaves are neatly

2. Twice the sweeping capability with Haaga‘s Turbo sweeping system.
In addition to the disc brush system, Haaga‘s 400 and 600 series machines have an additional fine-particle roller brush that is mounted behind it. This allows these machines to effectively sweep twice with one pass. Even the most fine debris is collected.

3. Very low dust thanks to an intelligent airflow.
All of the 400 and 600 series machines (except for the Haaga 475) are equipped with two special fine particle filters. The dusty air is cleaned by these filters inside of the machine and then returned to the sweeping circuit.

4. Four year wear guarantee on the brushes.
Haaga‘s guarantee of four years is unmatched in this industry and ensures you the full sweeping performance of your sweeper for a very long time.

“Our family owns a petrol station on the intersection of two busy roads. Image is critical and we are subject to regular checks as to cleanliness and customer service etc. Business is brisk, however we have a constant problem. Dust, litter and road material is a constant problem, requiring regular sweeping. Cleanliness was proving to be a costly exercise. The solution was the purchase of a Haaga 497 sweeper. The width of the sweeping area coupled, ease of use coupled with it’s ability to pick up larger pieces of material meant that the job could be done in half the time. The forecourt area is now constantly clean while the added bonus is that it takes half the time which has reduced our overheads.” – Peter, Melbourne


Turbo operating system
97 cm sweeping width
50 litre waste bin
Weight 16 kg
Performance 3600 sqm/h
Wall storage capable
Gear covers
Dust seals
Ergonomic handle
Brush guider

Features and Benefits
Sweeps up fine and course dirt
Sweeps up dry and wet leaves
Space saving storage without loosing contents from the waste bin
Problem free,belt-less drive
Light weight construction for fatigue free operation
Dust seals around the third brush

Domestic:4 years brush wear warranty,2 years complete sweeper
Commercial:12 months on complete sweeper


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