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Give your new steel Maximum Protection.


Metal Corrosion occurs where metals are left exposed to moisture within the air. This is due to a reaction with oxygen which in turn creates rust and eventually leads to corrosion. Perform these simple steps to give your new steel the best protection and longevity from corrosion.

Step 1 – Clean It

1. Remove all rough surfaces such as sharp edges, mill scale and weld splatter by abrading, sanding or wire brushing.
2. Remove contaminants and foreign particles using a clean cloth and a suitable non-residue solvent such as Galmet® Enamel Spraying Thinner 300C.

Step 2 – Protect it

1. Galmet® Cold Galvanizing should be applied directly to bare steel.
2. Apply two coats of Galmet® Cold Galvanizing for optimum metal protection.
3. Galmet® Cold Galvanizing will provide maximum protection as it contains over 92% zinc metal in the dry film.

Step 3 – Prime It

1. Primers are designed to provide an ideal base for the Galmet® range of top coat products.
2. Galmet® Primers provide an added level of protection and adhesion when applied prior to the top coat.
3. The following primers may be used over Galmet® Cold Galvanizing.
Galmet® Keytite Etching Primer.
Galmet® Keytite Aqua Primer.

Step 4 – Paint It

The following Galmet top coats are recommended to complete your application.
Galmet® Duragal® – Appearance of a new galvanized surface.
Galmet® Rustpaint – High gloss epoxy enamel formulate to protect & beautify.
Galmet® Fence, Gutter & Fascia – Available in a range of Colourbond® colours.
Galmet® Hammered Finish – Dimpled metallic gloss finish.
Galmet® Spray Paint – High gloss, industrial finish.

Article supplied by I.T.W. Polymers and Fluids. For a full range of Galmet® products click here.

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