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Take a Look through our blog archives!

Stage 4 Covid-19 Update Regarding Our Melbourne Branch (Dandenong South)

I wish that I was writing this message under better circumstances, but unfortunately Victoria has been unable to slow the spread of Covid-19 and we are now subject to stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne.

Our team have already taken voluntary precautionary measures during stage 3 and withdrawn our Melbourne based external sales representatives from duties. As of Thursday at 8am, we will also implement the following measures at our Dandenong South branch:

  • In line with Victorian Government stage 4 restrictions our showroom will be open to trade customers only. We will be unable to service retail customers via our showroom counter.
  • If you are a retail customer, we have created a contactless collection counter at the rear of our branch. You can place an order by calling (03) 9768 3537 or by visiting and selecting collection from our Dandenong South branch, but you must not enter the showroom. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

You can view the full guide on stage 4 restrictions for Victorian business below, and see that we fit within the hardware, building and garden supplies retailing for trade section.

All of our existing Covid-Safe measures are still in place in line with Victorian government regulations.
Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, and I hope that you all stay safe as we once again battle Covid-19 together.


Andrew Rodgers


Millions of workers trust blue and choose the thin wheels from PFERD. The PFERD range offers different types of thin wheels and thereby a solution for every application – ergonomically optimzed, efficient and at the highest security level.
Read More


Each year in July Bolts & Industrial Supplies hold their Annual General Meeting, where the managers from each store get together to discuss company direction. Our General Manager, Andrew Rogers encourages his staff to “think outside of the square,” so when it came to holding this year’s meeting, Andrew and team surpassed themselves by doing exactly that, the meeting was held on a beach on the Gold Coast in a circle, under an awning!

Read More

The Hex Nut


It is believed the manufacturing of nuts was first developed in the 1500’s in France, and were mostly used in the building of carriages and sleighs. Initially nuts were hand made by the local blacksmith in a square format. It wasn’t until the early 1800’s when an American company first developed a nut and bolt making machine that nuts were mass produced. Read More

Bathurst Branch

Bolts & Industrial Supplies – Bathurst Branch

It is now 8 months since we opened our Bathurst branch, servicing the Central West Tablelands. Since opening our doors, we have implemented our strategy to increase stock levels to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our extensive range of fasteners includes high tensile, mild steel, galvanised, stainless steel, structurals and brass in both metric and imperial.
Read More

How To Use Lock Nuts

LOCK NUTS – Good Vibrations! More Like Shake Rattle & Roll

One of the constant dilemmas we have when working with fasteners, is how to ensure the bolt will stay in place when there is the element of vibration involved.

Let me introduce you to two alternatives; one being a good old faithful – 150 years of recognition in the industry must speak for itself, and the other, a more innovative approach.

The Lock Nut, often referred to as the Jam Nut combines 2 nuts to secure the bolt and has been used effectively for over a century. The art of the construction of the nuts is essential to produce good results, and is often the reason for ineffective locking. Read More

Stainless Steel – The Do’s and Don’ts

So you want a Stainless Steel bolt? Not a problem, we can supply you with that, but what we will also give you is a little bit of information you may find handy whilst working with this particular compound.

Stainless Steel is a steel alloy combined with a minimum 10% chromium content, renowned for it’s anti rust, low corrosion, anti tarnish and durability properties. Before you launch into purchasing this handy versatile component, let me explain certain complexities you may encompass and ways in which to avoid them. Read More

Fasten anywhere, anytime with Nutserts!


The commonly known Nutsert is a threaded insert containing a female thread (similar to that of a hex nut) used in thin gauge metals such as sheet-metal or areas with no means of accessing the rear. It is very much like a blind rivet and possesses either a large flange (Rivet Nuts) or a flush flange (Poly Nut) at the outer end; the larger headed nutserts are commonly known as flanged nutserts and have a segment of plain “barrel”. It is this plain barrel segment that crushes into the sheet metal and thereby form a nut like fitting which remains fixed through the parent material. Read More

How to define what type of bolt you’re using.


When looking at the head of a bolt, there are six details that can be told by them: the type of fastener (or drive type), the grade (or classification) of the fastener, the manufacturer, the material type, the plating or coating and whether it is an Imperial fastener or a Metric fastener.

These details can be broken down into various groups called Grades or Classes that classify them according to their property ranks, quality, degree and other various facets. According to Imperial (SAE) and Metric specifications, as the grade and class of the fasteners increase, so do that of the bolt’s tensile strength. Read More

Unika Metacore TCT Hole-saws.


The Unika Metacore TCT hole-saw is a high-quality, Japanese Tungsten Carbide Tipped hole-saw. They are commonly used in drilling aluminium, steel, stainless steel, PVC and plastics. Each TCT hole-saw come with an ejector spring fitted as standard for easy material removal and getting the hole-saw stuck within the back of the cut material is prevented for safer, faster drilling. The durability of the tungsten carbide tips are maintained due to the hole-saw possessing ideal blade angles, which uses the latest metal cutting technology and provides the perfect escape angle to quickly discharge shavings for smooth, snag-free cutting. Read More

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