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 Kennametal Products » A to B
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Kennametal Products :: A to B

A to B

We have a full range of Kennametal products available, from boring bars, turning tools and inserts to indexable insert drills and specialised cutters.

Displaying 1 to 50 (of 9664 products)
    Stock Code   Product Name+   Price (incl GST)   Usually Ships Within   Add # To Cart 
A0306SCLDL12 KEN1094664 A0306SCLDL12 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0306SCLDR12 KEN1094663 A0306SCLDR12 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0306SWLPL15 KEN1094704 A0306SWLPL15 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0306SWLPR15 KEN1094703 A0306SWLPR15 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A03GSTLDR128 KEN1288867 A03GSTLDR128 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XCSER12 KEN1288860 A03XCSER12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XSC7DL12 KEN1289015 A03XSC7DL12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XSC7DR12 KEN1289016 A03XSC7DR12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XSCFDR12 KEN1288861 A03XSCFDR12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XSCLDL12 KEN1288862 A03XSCLDL12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XSCLDR12 KEN1288863 A03XSCLDR12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A03XSCLDR12A KEN1289024 A03XSCLDR12A AU$269.50 24 Hours
A0406SCLDL12 KEN1094666 A0406SCLDL12 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0406SCLDR12 KEN1094665 A0406SCLDR12 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0406SWLPR15 KEN1094705 A0406SWLPR15 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0406XSCLDR12075 KEN1937974 A0406XSCLDR12075 AU$267.30 24 Hours
A0408XSCFDR12075 KEN1937992 A0408XSCFDR12075 AU$267.30 24 Hours
A0410ESCLDRS412 KEN1930372 A0410ESCLDRS412 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0410ESCLDRS425 KEN1930374 A0410ESCLDRS425 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0412ESCLDRS412 KEN1289129 A0412ESCLDRS412 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0412ESCLDRS425 KEN1289130 A0412ESCLDRS425 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A04FCSER12 KEN1288868 A04FCSER12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A04FSCFDR12 KEN1288869 A04FSCFDR12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A04FSCLDL12 KEN1288870 A04FSCLDL12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A04FSCLDR12 KEN1288871 A04FSCLDR12 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A04HSTLDR128 KEN1288875 A04HSTLDR128 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A04HSWUPR15 KEN1950374 A04HSWUPR15 AU$267.30 24 Hours
A04XSCLDLS4 KEN1288876 A04XSCLDLS4 AU$220.00 24 Hours
A0506SCLPR18 KEN1094667 A0506SCLPR18 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0506STFPR18 KEN1094651 A0506STFPR18 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0506SWLPR15 KEN1094707 A0506SWLPR15 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0510ESCFDRS412 KEN1930376 A0510ESCFDRS412 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0510ESCFDRS425 KEN1930380 A0510ESCFDRS425 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0510ESCLDRS412 KEN1930378 A0510ESCLDRS412 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0510ESCLDRS425 KEN1930382 A0510ESCLDRS425 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0510GSCLDRS4 KEN1098071 A0510GSCLDRS4 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0512XSTLDR0725 KEN1289142 A0512XSTLDR0725 AU$228.80 24 Hours
A05HSTLDR128 KEN1288881 A05HSTLDR128 AU$269.50 24 Hours
A05STFPR18 KEN1094755 A05STFPR18 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A05XSCLDLS4 KEN1930297 A05XSCLDLS4 AU$218.90 24 Hours
A05XSCLDRS4 KEN1930298 A05XSCLDRS4 AU$218.90 24 Hours
A0610STUNR2 KEN1094735 A0610STUNR2 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A0612ESCFDRS431 KEN1930404 A0612ESCFDRS431 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0612ESCLDRS419 KEN1930402 A0612ESCLDRS419 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0612HSGLPR0525 KEN1930438 A0612HSGLPR0525 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A0612XSTLDR0731 KEN1289155 A0612XSTLDR0731 AU$231.00 24 Hours
A06CTFPR2 KEN1094872 A06CTFPR2 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A06CTLPR2 KEN1094904 A06CTLPR2 AU$200.20 24 Hours
A06HCSER2 KEN1950453 A06HCSER2 AU$267.30 24 Hours
A06HSTFDR07 KEN1288884 A06HSTFDR07 AU$220.00 24 Hours
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